Friday, August 24, 2007

For Monday

Additional reading for Monday:

Jim Pryor's Guidelines on Reading Philosophy
Philosophical Terms and Methods
All at

Previously posted assignments:


  • The first writing assignment is to reflectively develop and defend answers to these questions: what is philosophy? What is it to think philosophically? How does one think philosophically? What is it to be a philosopher? What is the value in thinking philosophically and/or being a philosopher? Are there any risks to thinking philosophically and/or being a philosopher? Due Monday 8/27.
  • The first reading assignment is Riddles, Ch. 1. and the Introduction of Reading Metaphysics. Due Monday 8/27.
  • ASAP email the instructor at to let him know that you are going to be in this class. The email should say which class you are, your name, your major and ask a question or give a comment about the class so far. This will help the instructor make an email list for the class.

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